There are many ways how you can get funding to support your study abroad

1 Merit-based scholarships 

These scholarships are given if you show outstanding results during the studying process, it can be a very high GPA, or awards for the high knowledge of a specific subject, or a language.

2 Special scholarships

They are given to support a particular category of students who are underrepresented at the university or a country, with fewer opportunities than other ones.  These types of scholarships could be given to particular nationalities, representatives of national minorities, woman-oriented scholarships, LGBT people, etc.

3 Need-based scholarships 

This type of scholarship is awarded based on an assessment of the financial situation of the applicant and his family. In this way, a scholarship tends to help talented but less financially secured students achieve their educational goals.

4 Subject-specific scholarship

If you want to study engineering, business or design, you can look for scholarships exactly in these areas, or very specific subjects.

5 Problem-based scholarships: essay, research, patent scholarships

You can get these scholarships by participating in a competition event, where you need to solve a problem or complete an assignment. This could be writing an essay on a topic, doing research, etc. The organizer of the competition can be a university, faculty, or a famous person. As a result, you can get a prize in the amount of € 100 – 200,000.

6 University scholarships

Many universities offer their own financial support to students, more often in the form of a one-time grant or annual payment over a certain period of study

7 A scholarship from a specific foundation, government or an international organisation

Very often big organisations support brilliant students on their way to get a Degree, however, very often, students need to return to their country of origin or work in a specific industry for some years