The UK is a very popular destination country to get a Master Degree, however, there are also many universities in the EU, so let’s have a look at both opportunities:

Funding of your education

In most cases to get a degree in the UK is more expensive than in an EU university.  The average cost of studying for a Master’s degree in the UK is around  17,000 euro per year, when in the  EU countries you can study even for free or paying 300-3000 euro, depending on the university.

Duration of a study program
In the EU countries, most of the Master’s Degrees last 2 years, when in the UK you can finish it for 1 year

In the UK university, you will study in English, so you do not need to give more effort to learn other languages, however, in Europe, despite an opportunity to study in English, very often you need to learn a language of a country, where you want to study. But if you like learning new languages, it could be a big advantage for you.

There is no good or bad country for studying, you need to understand your goals and desires, and to chooses the best to your taste. But if you have doubts, our team of professionals will help you! Do not hesitate to reach us!